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Hi - I like the floating serial monitor window but some functionality is lost compared to the old split pane approach (maybe this has already been noted?).

If I have a sketch that outputs to the monitor on loop() some values I want to examine can be quickly scrolled out of the window. With the split pane I could just click the serial output button to turn it off and the lower pane would retain the output values. With the current floating window, this won't work - clicking the serial monitor button only opens the window - so there is no way to suspend output.

Having either the monitor button toggle output but not close the window, or a new button within the floating window to suspend output would restore the earlier functionality.

Like the new command key feature to comment code!





There has been no comments whatsoever from the core Arduino team :(


Thanks for your efforts - I thought it must have been mentioned before. I'll give your revised version a try.



Hmm... spoke too soon - thought I could just switch out a file from the app bundle. Guess I have to build a binary- don't know how to do that  :(

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