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So I know that this is far from a major concern for the Arduino community or developers, but I just upgraded to version 17 and much to my chagrin i found that I cannot modify the IDE colors like in the previous versions.  For whatever reason I find the white background in the editor to cause more eye strain than when I set it to black with green as the default text color.  Previously, all I had to do was modify the preferences.txt file, but now there are significantly fewer options in the preferences file.  Is there somewhere else I should look?

Hope I don't sound like a grump.  You folks are awesome and I heart arduino.


I posted the same question a while ago.
Take a look at the 'theme.txt' file somewhere under the arduino directory. The color settings have been moved to there.


Thanks Jabber!

It took me a little while to find the theme.txt file, it is buried pretty deep.
In case anyone else wants to customize the editor the path in OS X is:


For those who may be even more of a noob than I am, a few words of caution...it never hurts to save a copy of the original file before you edit it,
ex. 'cp theme.txt theme-old.txt'.  Better safe than sorry.

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