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While this site has never been very fast (an understatment at best  :'( ), the last two days have been terrible for me. Lots of "internal server errors", "404 time-outs", long >15 sec delays between pages, etc.

Not seeing problems with the other sites I frequent. Has anyone else noticed the bad site performance lately?

Not sure if it's increase of users or what, but maybe it's time the Arduino team think about upgrading the server or finding a better host?



from hitting reply to start typing it took 23s - so i guess i experience the same problems..
but hey... look at the bright side, when clicking at a post you can always go and get youself a coffee before actually reading it, you wont loose any time that way, but might become a coffein addict..


Despite the caffeine, the slowdown becomes tiring... :-/


The site is much worse than "usual".
(I keep hoping it won't say [glow]YaBB 2.2.3[/glow] when it reloads, but alas.)
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Has anyone else noticed the bad site performance lately?



Yes it has been horrible for me too.
It s better if i try to open small threads, but try a bigger one and internal server error is certain.
I haven t been able to open the Kallman thread under exhibition for about 2 days now.


Same here, its just issues, issues, issues with the arduino site - such a great community, such a half-ass support team.


The RSS feed seems to go in and out of operation from here as well.


I frequently get HTTP 500 (an error occurred on the server) from about 8:00pm to about 11:00pm GMT.


search option doesnt work!! this is devastating :(


such a half-ass support team

Hey, give them some slack - they're volunteers, right?

search option doesnt work!! this is devastating

A known problem. You can use Google with a site prefix in the search box as a susbstitute. [e.g. "Site:arduino.cc abc+xyz"]


Don't know if it will last, but the last 5 Min's or so is the fastest I've ever seen this site update at.

So what is the improvement from? Did my greasy wheel get greased  ;D




?? Apache server upgrade?

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Shame they cannot ask for some volunteers to maintain the site. Stock Yabb is a poor reflection on an otherwise great effort.


I noticed that Adafruit uses phpBB for her forum and it seems lots more fluid.

I don't know if that's due to server/hosting choices, the software itself, or the amount of time available/invested in keeping on top of it.

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