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I use as3glue with Firmata 2.1 Changing the serialspeed ( in serproxy ) worked out good ( thanks for the tip ) and I have connection.

However I have also problems with the analog inputs. They don't give a range from 0-1023 anymore ( over a even range of 0-5V with a potmeter ). This is a software problem, because with Firmata 2.0 it works good.

Changing the firmata.cpp and firmata.h in the Arduino 17 library's folder didn't work either.

In the forum someone made his on changes :

Those work, but the serialspeed is different.

Since I use it in an educational situation it would be good that a standard becomes kind of a standard. I hope Arduino 18 can come with a stable version.


The StandardFirmata in 0017 turned out to be kind of buggy, unfortunately.  We have things mostly fixed in SVN, but would love to have more testing and bug reports!  So here's a new release.  I fixed all bugs that I knew about, including the one where analog pins sometimes acted like they had a log curve on them.


I tested this on a Diecimila, I hear there are troubles with the Arduino Pro and others, but I only have the older ones, so testing and bug reports on those are very helpful.



Is there still a problem with the latest firmware (i.e., svn trunk or your download link)? Owning a Mega, I'm still having the problem described above...

As stated by others, I can see the communication LEDs working, but running the blink example inside Processing, pin 13 doesn't blink.

Help? :)


Unfortunately, the Arduino Mega support is spotty right now.  There are some pins that work, and some that are mismapped (i.e. pin 13 is actually something like pin 20).  My advice if you want to try to use Firmata on the Mega is try all the pins. For example:

  • turn on all analog pins and look to see which one your pot is hooked up to
  • turn on all pins to Output then hook up LEDs to all of them then test


Ok I will try those options and will come back here with some more info.

Does this mean that there should be a specific StandardFirmata for the Mega, or is it just a matter of fixing some bugs?

How can I help on this? I am proficient with programming languages (C and C++ included), but have little experience with the details of Firmata and Arduino.

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