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Is this where I post issues with cut/paste?  The Arduino IDE is driving me nuts because it does not support the other, very common standard for keyboard cut,paste,etc.:

shift+delete = cut
shift+insert = paste
ctrl+insert = copy

Does anyone know how to fix this in a config, or is this an IDE bug?  I really, really, really, really dislike ctrl+x, c, v.....so please don't suggest using those....I already am (and I grind my teeth everytime I do)!  :-)

Aside from that, love all the work everyone's done on Arduino.  Nicely packaged, I must say!

Thank you much!


I didn't even realize those functions were supported in anything - are you in MAC?  Linux?  Or does Winders have that?  I've always used
ctrl-x = cut
ctrl-c = copy
ctrl-v = paste

Maybe I'm missing something?

Ken H


Make 2, never heard of that shortcuts..


Windows at the moment, but I am fairly sure this is standard on all three.  

It is even in notepad and all MS apps.  Additionally it was used in the DOS days too.  This is quite standard, buy maybe people are less and less aware of it??   None the less, definitely missing.

Go try it in most any windows app and you will find it works.

Help is appreciated.  Thanks,


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I tested this in Linux (Ubuntu) and it works there too (at least from X).  I do not have OS X, however since it is BSD based, it is fairly likely this works there too.  I don't usually think about these shortcuts unless they are missing, and I don't remember thinking "WTF" when using a buddies MAC last year.  Of course I may not have tried to use it...



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Ok....somehow I found some threads I couldn't find before.  There are others that have submitted this bug:


The last link is a user-made patch, but I do not believe this to be included in the IDE as of yet.  My copy does not have it for sure.  Note I have NOT yet tested the patch.

From what I read, this came from the DOS days and is included in Linux.  It appears it is not likely to be supported in MAC.  Guess I won't be buying a MAC?   :-?


These shortcuts will be included when I next sync up with the Processing code base, which should be for the next release of Arduino.


Wonderful!  Thank you for everything! ;D

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