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Charlie H


I'm not sure if this is a bug or even sure of how to describe it. If you place your cursor after a bracket it will show you its matching bracket (if there is one) with a blue box around it.  However, if you have a situation as shown below with a bracket commented out (for whatever reason) the IDE apparently still "sees" it.  The compiler doesn't.    This is the Blink code slightly modified.
Code: [Select]
void loop()                    
 digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);   // set the LED on
 delay(1000);                  // wait for a second
 digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);    // set the LED off
 delay(1000);                  // wait for a second
// Serial.println("Hello");  } // Cursor after bracket

v 0018

Charlie H


I think you've described it pretty well; I would be willing to bet this is a Processing related bug in the IDE, since you mention that the compiler treats it properly (which it should!).

Have you looked over in the Processing forums (or whatever they use; I've never actually checked) to see if they are aware of the bug (or if it is a bug there)? Something to look into...

I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.

Charlie H

I would be willing to bet this is a Processing related bug in the IDE...

Hi cr0sh,

You nailed it.  I went to the Processing bug search engine at http://dev.processing.org/bugs/search.cgi , typed in 'bracket' and it turns out to be a documented bug since 2005!!




i use notepad++ for writing script then paste them into IDE just because i like notepad++ more clear on the brackets and stuff like that maybe i'll write a plugin to reconize the commands and stuff like that.

ik don't like IDE because of its layout and that is java and sometimes Way to slow.

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