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The functions on the Playground article "Using Arduino with an I2C EEPROM" don't really work, at least they don't on current (0017) version.

"24LC512 I2C EEPROM Driver", based on the above, does work. However, void WireEepromRead() could be made more efficient by using serial read mode. According the datasheet, serial reading should not have any issues on page boundaries.


Gentlemen, I am working with 24LC256 EEPROM with I2C, I wonder how they are connected (8) eight eeprom in Arduino. Someone has a schema and code. pde,  giving you 2MBit of memory (8*2^15).


Since they are I2C, then the usual suspects (SDA/SCL) will be used.
You would need to tie the address lines (pins 1,23) to gnd/vcc appropriately to give each of the devices a unique address (1010000b-1010111b).

After that it's a matter of using the wire library to communicate with them, as per the data sheet.


Eagle Schematic
Until few eeprom I can connect?
What eeprom reference recommended for use with "Arduino 328"?
As you connect the eeprom?
As fits Vcc write protection?

According to what I say, this would be the connection for a eeprom, as it is for two or more epprom? and how we define additional addresses for each eeprom?
* SETUP:           _ _                                
* Arduino GND- A0-|oU |-Vcc  to Arduino Vcc
* Arduino GND- A1-|   |-WP   to GND for now. Set to Vcc for write protection.
* Arduino GND- A2-|   |-SCL  to Arduino 5
* Arduino GND-Vss-|   |-SDA  to Arduino 4
*                  ---       (A2, A1, A0 to GND for 1010000 (0x50) address.)
*                            If set to Vcc adds to address (1010,A2,A1,A0)


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