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Very important for windows users

Support for ctrl+ins and shft+ins for copy/paste
Ctrl+end/up/down etc to highlight text

I work in a software company in the uk. I have asked everyone and they think it would be the most difficult program to use without these short cut keys. And it is!

I have had 1300 downloads of my 3 month old arduino visual studio addin and it is only in beta. The add-in is for windows and visual studio professionals who want to use arduino for hobby purposes but who also can't use the arduino ide.

"Using the arduino ide is like sticking pins in my eyes" said one user!


It would be a pleasure to use the arduino ide than have to waste time writing software like visual micro.

It seems there is an entire community that is being alienated by the ide and you gurus just don't seem to care


If every edit menu in the world didn't look like this then you might find someone to agree with you:



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Why re-post this?


As I stated, someone already submitted a bug report on google and the Arduino team apparently decided it needed to be added on the Processing side.  If it is that important to you, you need to post on the Processing forum, not re-post on the Arduino forum.

BTW, while I appreciate be called a guru, I think you'll find that I, like most of the other people here are just regular Arduino users like you.   ;)


Smells more like an ad than an honest criticism of the current IDE.


Read the site, its a free product, the reasons for the product are also given on the site. The site doesn't even have ads!

I reposted it here because the hardware area seemed wrong and the discussions seemed a bit painful for the simple request.

It doesn't really matter what the edit menu shows today, it used to show the keys I have mentioned and that is what many people have grown to use.

It's a very simple thing

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