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Jul 18, 2008, 12:45 pm Last Edit: Jul 18, 2008, 12:47 pm by msr Reason: 1
Hey guys,

What about puting all the relevant info available on the site, on a PDF? Like "Getting Started", "Reference" and "Learning".
Im suggesting it because Arduino have just arrived home and the next days I will not have access to the internet, so all info on a PDF would be very good to getting started.
I started to save pages (as html) to my PC, but that isnt very pratical because there are too many pages too save if I want to have all info with me...

Thanks in advance. Stay well!


It's a good idea, but there's not really an easy way to do it, since the pages were all created in the wiki.  If someone knows a good way to turn a website into a PDF, I'd love to know it.


It's been ages since the last time I used PHP, but I'm pretty sure you can generate PDF files.
I'd say you'll have to parse the Wiki Database to find the pages, and then add a writePDF function kind of thing to generate one huge PDF, let's say once a month.



Maybe a simpler solution :


Interesting, although neither sounds like a great solution (the PmWiki cookbook looks like it only does a page at a time, which I do by just printing the web page to PDF).  


It's not free, but I'll try Adobe Acrobat Pro, they say it "converts entire wepages"... There's a fully functional 30-day trial version on their website, Im installing it right now.

I also found domPDF: http://www.digitaljunkies.ca/dompdf/
But Im not sure if it will work...


Jul 20, 2008, 05:41 pm Last Edit: Jul 20, 2008, 05:42 pm by msr Reason: 1
Wow. Adobe Acobrat Pro (trial version) worked!
I saved the entire site of Arduino to PDF, and links work like we are browsing the site.

However, its a trial. It would be nice if someone create something like this but freeware/opensource...


Awesome. Are there any restrictions on what you're allowed to do with the PDFs you create with the free trial?  If not, do you want to post it on the playground?  Or if it's too big, let me know and we can find a way to get it onto the site.


Jul 21, 2008, 04:28 pm Last Edit: Jul 21, 2008, 04:34 pm by msr Reason: 1
Sure. First I had converted the entire site to PDF (including Blog and some Forum threads) but I found it unnecessary. So I converted only the Getting Started, Learning and Reference sections.
I already wrote something on Playground but once it was the first time I edited the wiki I hope I haven't did anything wrong. If so please notice me or edit what I did.

Here it is the contribution:

All files were uploaded to mediafire.com


Awesome.  I may take the PDF's and upload them to arduino.cc so you don't have to go through mediafire.


I appreciate everyone's efforts at getting portions of the site into PDF format. I am frequently offline (satellite connection running off generator). The links to the three areas Getting Started..., Learning.. and Reference which are hosted on mediafire are broken. Has anyone created new versions of the PDF files and hosted them elsewhere?

Thanks all!

Scott Bridges
Port-de-Paix, Haiti


Nothing like being late out of the blocks.
With a view to carrying the whole of the Arduino site on a netbook to my workshop which is out of wireless range, I used Teleport Pro...
to download and link the whole site and playground.
The result is the same as being on the internet live.
Adjustment to the project wizard... set the start address and leave the depth of search at 3 but when the wizard is finished go to the Starting Address Properties and select the second item instead of the first...
'but only urls on www.arduino.cc' unless you want to gather the whole internet.
The end result is a folder with the site. Open it and dbl click index.htm then browse off line the whole site.

A bit late but might help someone. There may also be other similar programs that are free.

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