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Can you please give me a way to turn off shift-backspace?  I saw an old post from '09 that said to add a line to preferences but this didn't make a difference.  Did this option get removed?  Did it get changed?



What is Shift + Backspace doing? That's a pretty tough (for me, anyway) set of keys to accidentally hit together.
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It operates as delete instead of backspace.  Just put 0022 in to make sure it wasn't a bug in what I had.  No other options anywhere besides the lib folder right?


Found it.  I was putting the command "editor.keys.shift_backspace_is_delete = false" in the wrong prefs file.  Found it in C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Arduino and that one worked.  Putting it in the preferences.txt under lib made no difference.


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Ahh, that's where it is... I never got round to turning it off - I will do so now  :D

That's a pretty tough (for me, anyway) set of keys to accidentally hit together.

When you're defining things in capitals, people often use shift, if you mess up and press backspace which still holding shift then if 'deletes' instead. Most annoying and it happens rather too frequently.

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