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I must do

String str = "Hello World";
int n = str.length()+1;
char st[n];

instead of


to send s String in on one TCP/IP packet.

The problem is in Print.cpp:

void Print::print(const String &s)
for (int i = 0; i < s.length(); i++) {

and then every write(char)  is send in Client.cpp
as in one TCP/IP packet.  That sinks the transfrer
rate a lot.

It might be idea to do a write(const String &) in Print and
then implement print(const String &) by calling that.

And then in Client one must override write(const String &)
by writing all chars to same packet.

One problem to implement that is that

void String::toCharArray(char *buf, unsigned int bufsize)


void String::getBytes(unsigned char *buf, unsigned int bufsize)

are not const methods as they should be.



well... I guess you're gonna have to read through 5100's manual and create a driver yourself. :\
This... is a hobby.


From Ethernet library - Client.cpp

Code: [Select]
void Client::write(uint8_t b) {
 if (_sock != MAX_SOCK_NUM)
   send(_sock, &b, 1);

void Client::write(const char *str) {
 if (_sock != MAX_SOCK_NUM)
   send(_sock, (const uint8_t *)str, strlen(str));

void Client::write(const uint8_t *buf, size_t size) {
 if (_sock != MAX_SOCK_NUM)
   send(_sock, buf, size);

Should be easy ... Try replacing Client.print(str) with Client.write(str), Add a '\n' to the string if using println...

Does this help?
Rob Tillaart

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