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Devs: please include this update in Arduino 0018. The enhanced rxtx solves one of the most annoying problems I've run into in the Arduino IDE. If you have any sleeping Bluetooth SPP devices, the default Arduino IDE will take a long time to load, and then a long time to open the Tools menu every time.

In addition, your sleeping Bluetooth SPP connections are trashed. The old rxtx somehow sits on them and prevents them from being used by other applications. Just by opening the Arduino IDE once, you now have to reset multiple Bluetooth devices, or unpair/repair them.

The new rxtx dll above fixes that issue completely.
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is this a all windows thing or exclusive to vista + (wondering cause i have it on both xp 32 bit and xp 64 bit and its been working fine)


If you don't have bluetooth serial devices then you probably aren't going to notice anything.
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Yes, yes, yes, please add this to 0018! The difference is dramatic! My startup goes from a little below 1 minute to only several seconds. Opening the tools menu even took me two minutes (no joke) and now it shows immediately.

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Hello togheter,

I have also problems with my arduino17 on a vista pc. I would try this fix, but cannot open the rar file.
Can anybody give me a hint, how to open this file,


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