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I would try this fix, but cannot open the rar file.
Can anybody give me a hint, how to open this file


Also, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rar#Software:

Third party programs that can only read (unpack) RAR files include: WinZip (Windows), 7-Zip (multiplatform), IZArc (Windows), PeaZip (Windows, Linux), Zipeg (Windows, Mac OS X), ALZip (Windows), along with the free version of unrar (which is available for Linux and FreeBSD). Mac OS X readers include Stuffit Expander, The Unarchiver and Zipeg. Stuffit Expander is also available for Mac OS Classic with RAR support for this platform.

If you go to the second link above, all those third party programs have their own links. I'm too lazy on a Saturday to copy the links into this reply.  ;)


My fixed dll is still working with the version 0018 :) and of course for those who asked, with the 0017 too.  ;D
My website: http://ried.cl


Another big thanks for fixing this problem.  I have an older laptop running XP, and the arduino application was completely unusable due to the delays in the 0018 distribution DLL.

Your modified DLL fixed the entire problem, instantly.  8-)



Dear eried,

Please could I have the source code to your modified version of the rxtx library?




I will try to look for it. But you can build your own patched version. First look the point 7 of this document, ignore the text, just copy the "serial_test" function code.

Then get the full source from http://users.frii.com/jarvi/rxtx/

And finally, replace the code and Compile.
My website: http://ried.cl

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