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Works for me using Arduino 0019!

Thank you so much, eried! You've done us all a great favor! Nice work!

Christian Liljedahl

Yet another very happy user, thanks a lot!

The fix - It works with Processing too, btw.

I am trying to get a link to this fix included in the

.. I hope this will be possible. I remembered seeing this solution long time ago, but I had trouble refinding it.

More links to this genious :-)

with humble respect
Christian Liljedahl


I have same problem.
This is very fantastic solution.

Many thanks!!!


Hey all, i just got my UNO yesterday and noticed the delay on the IDE soft and i can tell that this fix worked for the 0021, too(i had BT com port working on my laptop). thanks!  :)


This helped me a lot!!! Thank you very much!!!

//Arduino UNO - 021 - Win7

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