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I've been trying to find a simple answer to this, and haven't found the documentation, maybe i'm just blind, could someone help?


and i mean through the parrallel bootloader



sorry for the late reply, but we have been busy preparing the materials for the forthcoming workshops.

However, in order to bootload the microprocessor, you will have to build up your own programmer (unless you have purchased one from an electronics reseller). The guide by Dave Mellis, and revised by Marcos Yarza can be visited at:


Then, you will need to have the code that is needed  to flash in the processor. You can get the already compiled program at:


There you will find a program called "bootloader.zip" that you can download. You should unzip it in the arduino-000X folder in your computer.

If you are using a serial programmer, you should execute "burn_serial.bat" but be aware that you have to configure the "/dev/comX" option inside the mentioned file first.

If you are using the self-made parallel programmer, "burn_parallel.bat" will work directly.


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