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Hi All,

I am doing  a project with RFID readers and tags. My question is, can the RFID reader be interfaced with the Arduino? I want the reader to scan tags, and light up corresponding LEDs.

Thanks all.



We're about to launch an rfid reader that plugs on top of the arduino board. It has been succesfully tested and it's now running happily in an exhibition in Basel.

we'll have the module, antenna and instruction.

It will be available after the salone del mobile(about mid april) which is draining all our energy at the moment.



what do you mean by launch? will they be for sale as an add-on or do you mean a tutorial will be available?

(just because shipping is quite expensive. thus i would wait for the rfid reader to be available before ordering a few boards for friends of mine. )



i'm having moderate success reading/scanning RFID using the parallax board...although i am not entirely happy/finished.

basically, each time the RFID recieves information from a chip, it brings in 12 integers.  The first and last are used to tell the beginning and the end of the ID, while the 10 middle integers are the RFID.

some things you should consider is....you first have to put all your RFID codes in an array, and you must write a function that reads the 12 integers and compares it to any of the RFID in your array.

one trick i found is that most of my RFID only have the last 2 integers of their code unique.  Meaning the first 8 are the same.  So to decrease processing time, you can just compare the last 2 digits of the RFID.



yes we will be selling it from the new web shop that's ready... only waiting for us in italy to have 1 day of free time :(

it will be a small "shied" a module that plugs on arduino and you'll have a function that returns the id of the current tag as a 16 character string.

considering everything it takes to make the product available for purchase you might have to wait until the end of april.

arduino 0004 will have modular libraries of code like processing and we'll deliver the code for the rfid reader as a library that you just have to add to your project.




would there be a library for LCD screens?  We purchased a bunch of serial LCD's to use with our arduino in our classroom but it was a real effort to re-intrepret the basic commands and make the functions for arduino to write to the LCD's.


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