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 Releasing the Reset button before clicking on Upload results in the error, 'Programmer is not responding', and the previously uploaded program continues running on the board prior to either green LED flashing. (speculation: which suggests to me that the upload is taking too long to commence and some form of timeout is occurring?)

Yea, the compilation process is probably taking too long.  I should add this to the FAQ.  Thanks for the report.

Also, the librxtxSerial.jnilib that comes with Arduino 0004 should be a Universal file.  Has anyone gotten Arduino 0004 to work on a MacTel machine without replacing this file?


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Extrange but I use arduino 4 and 3 on Mac intel and Windows too. The program works in both and having some erros  "programmer is not respond". I don't modificate files but, when i don't use the same sequence for upload, this works great! I press verify and after upload in I/O board and after press reset program in a board.

I think that is can occours because the mac is more slow for compile and upload in a board for usb cable. In arduino 0004 i wait a litle bit more for press reset button and works too.

OBS:I download the latest drive ftdi for universal binary e not install keyspan drivers.

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