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using suse 10.1, arduino 0007.   when i launch the IDE, i get a huge number of errors from utility/twi.c, starting with :

utility/twi.c:20:18: math.h: No such file or directory

and continuing from there.  can't find stdlib.h, inttypes.h, avr/io.h, avr/interrupt.h, blah blah blah, whine, complain.  

i'm guessing i didn't install gcc, binutils, or glibc properly, but here's what i've got:


and also


should that be right?  is there a makefile somewhere that i need to tweak before launching the IDE?  what's the difference between avr-gcc and cross-avr-gcc??  


Do you get the same errors if you try to compile an example sketch (say led_blink)?

The error messages you're getting imply that avr-gcc is getting launched okay, but it's having trouble finding its header files.  Which makes it sounds like it's not installed correctly: or more precisely, as if avr-libc (which provides the header files) isn't installed in the location that avr-gcc expects it to be.  How did you install those packages?  I don't know what the difference is between avr-gcc and cross-avr-gcc, but it's possible that they're somehow conflicting with each other.  Maybe try uninstalling whichever one is not a dependency of avr-libc.

Also, you're going to need to install uisp to upload your sketches to the board.


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thanks mellis.   i installed the avr compiler packages from RPM's i hunted down on the web, because i wasn't finding them nicely available in the suse repos like they are in ubuntu.

i forgot to mention one really helpful error message:  "Error building library 'Wire'"  ;)

the suse cross-avr package installs the avr gcc in /opt/cross.  for example, the compiler is /opt/cross/bin/avr-gcc.  the includes it's looking for are in /opt/cross/avr/include (stdlib.h, math.h, avr/io.h, etc).  

is there a place in the arduino prefs where i can set up the paths, like a Makefile?  or is this something that gcc should have configured properly already?


It's something that avr-gcc should have configured properly already.  Where is the non-cross version of avr-gcc installed?  Are there header files in that directory too?  Again, if you've got two versions of avr-gcc installed, you might try uninstalling one.  


cool - closer, but not quite working yet.  uninstalling avr-gcc and avr-binutils helped - now it can find the headers.  but now i have a different error when trying to compile the led blink example:

/opt/cross/lib/gcc/avr/4.1.0/../../../../avr/bin/ld: BFD 20051219 (SUSE Linux) internal error, aborting at ../../bfd/reloc.c line 445 in bfd_get_reloc_size

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