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I just got my arduino and was damn excited to use it but I can't seem to get anything to run.  I installed 0007 as instructed, running the usb-to-serial driver installation, and then restarting.  After restarting and plugging in the arduino, the bootloader showed that it was working (the led connected pin 13 to gnd quickly flashed and then started to slowly flash.  After a few minutes of figuring out the proper timing between hitting the reset button and upload (hitting reset about 3 seconds after clicking the upload button) the led stopped it's slow flashing.  So basically according to the IDE everything is working fine, but the led is not flashing like the led_blink example should.  I know it's not the led because it flashes rapidly whenever I unplug and replug the usb cable.  

As a side note I tried all the suggestions mentioned the prior post http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1169010083/0#0.  I also changed the upload.verbose to true to check for any interesting error messages but there wasn't anything.  For reference for anyone who knows if this should be correct or not, the last two lines are:

Firmware Version: 1.15
Firmware Version: 1.15

I should also mention that the window for pressing the reset button and getting a successful upload is tiny, I basically have to hit the reset button just at the right time.  If I time it perfectly both the TX & RX leds flash right after.  Then they pulse while the upload is happening.  If I miss the timing, the RX led flashes once and then I get "Programmer is not responding.".  Sorry for such a long post but I just wanted to make sure all the angles were covered.  

thanks to anyone that takes the time to read this and I'm looking forward to becoming a long time member of this community once I get this thing to upload.  I'm getting tired of overpriced & under powered basic stamps, or the overpriced/crazy 8 core/partial assembly code propeller.  I've been a long time processing user so I'm really looking forward to getting this thing working.


David Cuartielles

so you are basically saying that the time to press the reset button is too short?



Well, yes the time is really short. I put that in there because I thought it might be helpful to those more experienced with the arduino to diagnose my problem.  However the problem is that the program uploads but doesn't run.


Did you pick the right microcontroller from the Tools | Microcontroller menu?  It should match the chip on your board, probably a ATmega168 if it's a new board.


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mellis, I appreciate you for thinking that I would be dumb enough to make that mistake: it was set to atmega8.  As usual, a total PEBKAC on my part.  Thank you so much for figuring it out for me and to both you and David for the fast replys.    


It's not you - the software should be smart enough to figure out which chip you're using (or at least default to the ATmega168, now that all the boards come with one).  This is one of the main priorities for new versions of the software.


Yah, I guess I could say that from and my perspective when I saw at the bottom that all the bytes had transfered, and it was reading the firmware, I automatically assumed that all the settings were correct.  Although, what you said is plainly written in the how-to, so I'd say just setting 168 to default should be good enough, no need to waste time writing code to try and detect the chip type.

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