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Hiya .I'm running Arduino 008 on a MacPro, os 10.4.10.  

As an admin on the machine I can compile fine.  However, as a non-admin user, I get the following error on startup, and whenever I try to compile :

"Assembler Messages:
FATAL : can't create EEPROM.o: Permission denied"

I assume it has to do with ... permissions.. but I've searched and found nothing similar to this.  What ought I make writable to this user?


EEPROM.o is one of the Arduino libraries, which get compiled in their respective sub-directories of the lib/targets/libraries sub-directory of your Arduino application directory.  The libraries should only need to be compiled once though.  Try running the program once as an admin and then as the non-admin user.  If that doesn't work, you may need to make the libraries directory and its subdirectories writable by the non-admin user.

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