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Hello everybody!

I'm trying to connect an Arduino BT board to a SuperWaba app on a PocketPc. Everything seems to work fine: I can see the BT connection in the BT connections list in XP.

The problem comes when I try to send data (from the SW to ABT). The SW app consists of a group of buttons. I pretend to send some integers to the board everytime that a button is pressed. Seeing that it does not work, I've simplified it so all the buttons do the same task: send a 0 to the board. If the board receives data it is supposed to change the state of a LED (if turned on -> turns it off; if turned off -> turns it on).

The fact is that the board is receiving data, cause some times the LED changes. The main problem is that it NOT always happens. And I haven't noticed a pattern.

Does anybody know why can this be happening? Anything about problems between different protocol (SW - ABT) communications? Anything related to reliability of the BT communications in Arduino (I suppose it has to be reliable...)?

Here's the Arduino code:


int redPin   = 11;
int op=-2;
int X=0;

void setup() {
 pinMode(redPin,   OUTPUT);
 long time = millis();

 // Reset the bluetooth interface
 digitalWrite(RESET, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(RESET, LOW);
 //configure the bluetooth module
 Serial.println("SET BT PAGEMODE 3 2000 1");
 Serial.println("SET BT NAME BTLAMP");
 Serial.println("SET BT ROLE 0 f 7d00");
 Serial.println("SET CONTROL ECHO 0");
 Serial.println("SET BT AUTH * 12345");
 Serial.println("SET CONTROL ESCAPE - 00 1");

void loop () {


 if (op!=-1) {
   if(X==255) X=0;
   else X=255;
   analogWrite(11, X);


Thanks in advance!!!

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