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I am an happy Arduino newbie.  :)
I have just received my first ArduinoBT and I'm having some problems in making it work properly.

I'm able to connect Arduino via Bluetooth in windows XP, using a small number com port (COM2), but when I try to upload a sketch di Arduino framework hang, until I close the connection. Shoud I have any feedback from the Arduino board during upload? any blinking LED or something?

I've read the others post on BT but I can't seem to find a solution to this problem and an answer to my doubts.  :-/

By the way, when I connect it to the power supply (4V), the 3V3 LED light up and nothing else happens. The FAQ talks about a "green power light". Is the 3V3 the equivalent for ArduinoBT?

Thanks for your help!  :)


I'm having a similar problem. I recently got an Arduino BT and using Windows XP can make a serial connection but can't upload any programs to the board. The computer finds the BT module and allocates it a serial port number (COM 8). It even states that it is connected but when I try to upload any Arduino program i get the error message "Programmer is not responding". I have checked that the right port and microcontroller is selected and the serial.burn_rate=115200.
I'm guessing it's something really simple... but I don't know what it is...
Any help would be gratefully received.



try RESETTING the board with the button near the ICSP pins
right before pressing the UPLOAD TO I/O BOARD,
it should work.


Hi kk,

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes I have been resetting the board before uploading the program but the BT board still doesn't seem to be accepting the code and I continue to get the error message "Programmer is not responding". leaving me confused...  :-[

would be good to hear from any users who have succesfully connected and programmed a BT board with a PC running windows.

thanks for your help!


A suggestion I've received in the hardware forum..
try Arduino 0007 instead of Arduino 0009. I have no luck with 0009 but 0007 works flawlessly.

Hope it helps


wow! yes that works!
thank you very much!!!  :)

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