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The Gentoo page in the wiki can be cleaned up a little.

For example:
A warning concerning the crossdev section: The current version of crossdev, 0.9.17 (binary is called crossdev-stable!) doesn't want to compile avr-g++ at all. I don't know why, but for avr, crossdev is set to always emerge to a stage without g++ which arduino needs. Comment out STAGE= in /usr/bin/crossdev-stable line 106 and you should hopefully be fine. YMMV.

Thats easily fixed without editing any files. Just run crossdev -t avr -s4 instead of crossdev -t avr :)

Also the ln -s line doesnt specify what the current directory should be.
I'm trying to figure that bit out at the moment.

So who else here uses Gentoo? :D

I'll use this thread as a little notepad to keep track of things to improve on.


You probably know this already, but don't be shy about just going in and fixing the tutorial.  If someone else thinks they can improve on your changes, they can always go ahead and do it.  But also, it makes sense to discuss it here, if you're looking for opinions and feedback from others.


Yeah I'll clean it up when I'm done.

I'm just using this thread as a notepad and I'm curious who else uses Gentoo.



Yay! I finally got my Arduino and now I might actually get the software installed properly. ;)

Man its tiny. The photos make it look a lot bigger.


Changes have been made and I've informed Jonny Stutters about the change.

Now to play with my Arduino. :D


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