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I have burned the bootloader on a mega 8 and mega 168 with Ponyprog in another circuit using a stk200 programer and a board with out the 16 Mhz crystal. They both blink on pin 13 fine when I place them in the standalone Arduino system on a breadboard circuit  but I cant upload a skectch to the chips using Arduino 10 or 9 IDE. I used the hex files from Arduino 10 to burn the megas.

When I put them in my standalone Arduino system on a breadboard (this one http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/StandaloneAssembly)  the mega 8 blinks one a sec for 8 times when I reset the mega 8 the mega 168 blinks once about every 10 seconds.

I am almost sure my breadboard circuit is good I have built circuits on breadboards before.

Can someone tell me what bootloader and Arduino IDE I need to use with the breadboard circuit?

Thanks so much,



Did you set the fuses when you burned the bootloader?  The ATmega's are configured to use their internal clocks by default.


No I did not set the fuses. Can I do that in pony prog?


I'm not sure.  Is ponyprog a software, or the hardware?  The stk200 is the software, right?  You might be able to use avrdude by creating a new menu item in the Arduino Burn Bootloader menu.  Just edit the ARDUINO/hardware/programmers.txt and add something like:


The communication preference should be serial if the stk200 uses a COM port (either a physical serial port or a virtual usb-to-serial COM port) or usb if it communicates directly as a USB device.  Or parallel if it uses the parallel port.


Ponyprog is software stk200 is the hardware programer.

When I burned the bootloader before I just burned the hex file to flash area of the atmega I never changed any of the fuses.

I will try those settings and let you know how it turns out

Thanks so much

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