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I have the following idea for a new project:
I want to control a little bod like this

with a standard USB Joystick from my Windows PC.

My plan is the following:

Joystick --> PC <--> Xbee (USB) <~~~> Xbee <-> Mini Ard <-> Servos / DC Motor / etc.

Due to the fact that I'm a newbie with Arduino I would need some kind of jump start how to start the hole project.



do you need/want your pc in between? you could just hook a joystick (non-usb) to the second x-bee-arduino.

to get started i would suggest the following:
1- wire and get an arduino to talk to your bot, try programming some test movements like left-right, forwards-backwards.
2- if this works, try to control it with your pc: write an arduino sketch that takes commands from the serial port (via usb).
3- finally get that wireless working (if you haven't already), and throw it all together

i think there is a handful of information for the last steps here on the forum or the wiki/playground. if you built the bot, you maybe know how to interface it. there are tutorials on controlling motors and servos though as well.

good luck,

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