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Currently I happen to have Arduino BT and I would like to control the WT12. I would like to write a application that will echo all the received strings I send via terminal session* to the device. Because later on I would like to respond on this.  I only have some questions about how to use the Arduino BT.

  • I don't need to use the BTInitialization sketch as the basics of my application? (see: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBTInitializationSketch)
  • Every mobile phone which supports the SPP (serial port profile) should be able to find the serial port

I would like to test the Bluetooth module first by opening a serial port connection on a 112500 baudrate and then send the appropriate commands to it. As listed in the WT11 documentation. Earlier have used a Sparkfun BlueSMiRF module where I was able to do the same. By entering in command mode and then send AT commands. Only when I am trying to get into the command mode of the WT11 by sending three escape characters. Nothing happens?

Please help!



There is a topic about getting into command mode with the escape sequence. It also has some example code. I don't know the topic title but use google to search the forum. The  forum search doesn't always return all results.

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