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Im trying to get my arduino set up under ubuntu 7.10
It seems to be working fine until I try to upload a sketch, then I get this error message:

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avrdude: libusb access not available in this configuration
avrdude: error at hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:384: programmer type not specified

any ideas? Ive spent a fair amount of time getting all the packages and compiling avrdude just to hit a roadblock now.


Was there a problem with the avrdude that was included in the Arduino 0010 software?  

If you're compiling avrdude yourself, you need to first install libusb and make sure that ./configure in the avrdude directory can find it (you may need to add CFLAGS and LDFLAGS parameters).  Are you compiling the version of avrdude that's been modified for use with Arduino?

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