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You're welcome.

If you have a chance, you should write up some instructions on the playground for other SuSe users.  Just create a new page from the development tools section.

And yea, I think you wanted a prefix /opt/cross on the avr-libc configure.


I agree that a Suse tutorial writeup would be great.  I will do it if I can figure out how to fix the "Could not find the compiler.  avg-g++ is missing from your PATH".  How did you do that, ericmarcus?

This what i installed for Opensuse 10.2

avr-libc-1.6.1-5.6 - The C Runtime Library for AVR Microcontrollers
cross-avr-binutils- - GNU Binutils for Cross-Development to AVR Processors
cross-avr-gcc43-4.3.0_20080306-16.2 - The GNU C Compiler for atmel Processors
uisp-20050207suse-81.1 - An upload tool for AVR microcontrollers

I know its the PATH but I'm not sure how to set that up.  Perhaps in the preferences.txt file?


I figured out how to fix the "comipler error, avr-g++ is missing from your PATH".  You will need to create a PATH to the /opt/cross/bin directory where the compiler binaries are located.  This is done by opening a shell window then...


then launch ./arduino

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