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I am building an arduino->serproxy->flash(as3)<->lamp, running on ubuntu

in order for my flash content to operate properly re: my php calls the app needs to be accessed via localhost/browser

when running in browser the app fails to connect/maintain a connection vis-a-vis

server(1) - thread started
server(1) - EOF from sock
server(1) - exiting  

happens both on my development pc (xp) and on the project box

when running the app from within the flash dev environment on the pc all is fine, serial monitor from within the arduino environment on the ubuntu machine is seeing the data coming in, serproxy is running

i suspect that firefox is wrapping my connection up some how but don't really know what to try or where to look
i also suspect there might be a work around by getting the flash working outside the browser? but Im not sure what that player would be?  All this serproxy, flash action going on I can't help but feel like im missing something?

any insight greatly appreciated!


i'm having the same problem, the thing is that running a flash app on a linux machine it can only be done via browser, isn't it ?

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