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Yes i do have something like that! Is that a bad thing?

See below for content of that folder:



I just moved those files to another folder and uploaded the blink file to the arduino board! Quess what it works :-)
What file(s) was or were involved in blocking the USB port?

Anyway i am all excited in having my experience with the arduino, i hope i can count on help with future projects in this user forum! Thanks for all the pointers that i just had! I just played around a bit with the blinking led file and made it into a random blinking.

So much fun projects i can think of right now. I have two projects in mind for now one is a LCD (wdc2704m) screen which i wanna wire up to the arduino and i also want to have a play with a VDO Fuel Gauge (12V) that i have as spare for my classic car! Might do something like if your really busy typing or working behind your machine that it will put the pointer towards full and when nobody is doing anything behind the computer it slowely goes to empty (or reverse and when empty shutoff the computer hahahah)


Having those other .jars there isn't really a bad thing, but can cause problems.  In particular, many of the non-Arduino versions of rxtx (including the default one, I believe) require you to create and permission a directory for it to create lock files in.  By having the .jars in the Java extensions folder, they get used instead of the Arduino versions.

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