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I'm having some trouble with getting the arduino software up on a MacBook Pro. It's running 10.5.3, and I've run the arduino software in 10.4 before without a problem, but whenever I try running the software now, I get a message that pops up saying "The sketchbook folder no longer exists, so a new will be created in the default location." I tried copying the sketchbook folder over from a windows install, but that didn't help, it still throws up the same message. After displaying the message for a split second, the software then quits. It works fine on a PPC mac mini running 10.5.3, just no this machine. Thanks


Okay, I've tested some stuff, and I get the same error if I'm running 10, or even 12 (as of a couple minutes ago).


Hmm... do you have any non-ASCII characters in your username?  Is there an Arduino directory in your Documents folder?  What are the permissions on it?  Is there an "arduino" (lowercase) directory?  

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