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Apr 27, 2017, 08:08 am Last Edit: Apr 27, 2017, 08:39 am by marmorkatten

So I bought an Arduino UNO WiFi yesterday to use it in my greenhouse project. Everything was working fine the first time I set it up using this guide


But then I discovered the firmware had to be updated to ESP8266 (0.0.3) to get the Ciao library or more specific the <UnoWiFiDevEd.h> library that replaces the Ciao library for the Arduino UNO Wifi board.

Now to the problem. When I plug in my board to my Mac using USB, the board shows in my Available Networks list and I can select it as a network. But when I try to go to the adress (mentioned in the guide linked above) to configure the board it only works sometimes, roughly one of ten times. And when the website loads I can't get past the "start page" to connect it to my wifi, it freezes when I try to change the host name i.e.

For additional information:
- I have already tried re-updating the firmware
- Rebooted my own WiFi several times and connected to the board when my own WiFi was off

I would really appreciate the help, I have a school project that I would like this to work with.

EDIT: I think the problem was that my iPhone connected to the board automatically for some reason, and did this before I could have a chance to connect with my computer. But had no problem configuring board from iPhone so, problem solved.

I'll leave this here if someone happens to run into the same problem.

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