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Oct 17, 2008, 05:59 pm Last Edit: Oct 17, 2008, 06:00 pm by paulb Reason: 1
Trying to install 012 on a Mac and get this

java.io.IOException: Target platform: "null" not found.
Make sure that "build.target" in the
preferences file points to a subdirectory of
... long string of java errors

There seems to be no "build.target" in my preferences file. I also tried deleting the old prefs file and restarting Arduino to insure that it built a new one.

Any ideas?


I solved this by choosing Diecimila from the "Board" menu, quitting and restarting.

Sounds like there's no default setup for reading boards.txt but this is just a guess.

Paul B


The boards.txt file is (currently) stored with the Arduino application, so changes aren't automatically carried over between versions.  If you've modified your boards.txt file to include new boards and selected one of them, you'll get that error when you try to run a different version of Arduino.  I'll probably move the boards.txt file to your home directory at some point, but I wanted to take a few versions to let its format stabilize first.

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