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First of all, various apologies. I'm brand new to both Arduino and electronics in general. I'm using it for a project in what I think is a very simple way, but I still need a bit of help. Sorry as well if this is in the wrong forum, just let me know and I'll repost it.

I've got hold of the Arduino Nano and am looking at using it control the outputs of up to 6 PIR sensors using Max/MSP.

Now here is where I have the problem of not knowing at all what I am doing. I've seen Arduino coding for both controlling the PIR sensor, and getting the details into Max/MSP, but how do I combine the two? What sort of coding will I need? I imagine that it is not simply a case of pasting one code in after the other?

Also, the coding for the PIR sensor states it is for a Parallax PIR module, but surely I will be able to use different PIR modules with it without changing code?

Thanks in advance for any help, you are really helping out someone who will be eternally grateful!



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You really should start by trying to do some actual projects and learn the basics of programming. Start off with the blinking light tutorial, modify it and get a feel for what is happening.
Look at :-
to see about input and output.

In effect yes it is just a matter of pasting the two functions together but if you do this with no understanding it will not work, as you will be pasting things that should not be pasted. For example there should only be one setUp() and one loop() function and each example would have it's own.

Many sensors are different so there is no grantee that the output of one sensor (and hence the interfacing and software) is compatible with another.

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