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Hello I'll start by state that i am very much a newbie but am keen to learn.
What i am trying to do is replicate with the arduino an adjustable 555 timer based circuit that i used to provide pulses to a stepper motor driver and strobe light for an artwork that creates and animation on a spinning disc

The stepper motor driver has 10 micro steps per step and there are 5 steps and one strobe flash per frame. I need a stepping frequency of around 350 hz and a flash frequency of 50 times less.  

I thought the best way to achieve this was to use the Timer1 library in the playground, however i can not work out whether it is possible to adjust/change the frequency it runs at everything i try breaks the code.

any help or advice is most welcome
thanks for reading

my code so far

Code: [Select]
#include "TimerOne.h"
byte x = 0;
void setup()
 pinMode(13, OUTPUT);

 Timer1.initialize(2860);  // initialize timer1
 Timer1.pwm(9, 512);   // setup pwm on pin 9, 50% duty cycle
 Timer1.attachInterrupt(callback);  // attaches callback() as a timer overflow interrupt
void callback()
 if (x == 50) { digitalWrite(13, HIGH); x = 0; }
else  { digitalWrite(13, LOW); }
void loop()


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