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How do I open multiple editors on a mac? On my PC I can just double click the icon and open as many windows as I want, but on my mac it doesnt work.

Is there a way or is my mac just wac?

Thanks for the help.


Each .app can only have one instance running, and the Arduino IDE doesn't give you any support for opening a second window.


On my Mac 10.5.6 I have two arduino-00xx folders installed.
Each can use a different USB port.
This setup allows me to edit and debug two sketches at the same time.  Is very handy when debugging MRMP (I2C) setups.

The trick is to keep you source in the same folder tree, and drag your source file to one of the two Arudino 1x.app you wish to launch.
Be sure to select the USB port, as each launch choses the same USB port.

Hope that helps.

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