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WProgram.h define stdint.h but byte could be always a problem, no ?


WPprogram.h includes wiring.h which is where the arduino typedef for byte is found. Note that including wiring.h directly causes problems in version 0012. Did you try to include WProgram.h ?


I can't compile with WProgram.h inclusion.

The problem is difficult to solve, I don't succeed to obtain compilation without errors when I try simply to include WProgram.h in differents headers.



Sorry to hear you're having compilation problems - the move to version 0012 broke quite a few of my sketches :)

Are you still having the problem?


I was able to get mmc1_v2 to compile by:

a) adding #include <WProgram.h> at the top of mmc.h
b) deleting the wprogram.h tab in the project.

(I'm using 0013, but I bet it works for 0012 also.)


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