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I have a new computer, win-7 pro, 64bit, and have not been able to get the IDE to load. this is the 3rd computer I have had problems trying to load and run the Arduino IDE.

this time, I get the splash screen then nothing.

I am tired of chasing down work-arounds and such and would like to replace it completely.

in researching, it seems there are a lot of text editors that still require the Arduino IDE to connect to the Arduino, cannot find ones that say they write to the board.  seems they revert back to the Ardino IDE for that, but since I cannot get it to run, that is not of any use.

My needs are modest, I just want to load simple programs to the UNO or an ESP8266.

simple would be more important than much else.

I started to load Atom, but stopped when it calls itself a text editor. 


Wipe the Windows stuff and install Linux.  :)

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Wipe the Windows stuff and install Linux.  :)

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Wipe the Windows stuff and install Linux.  :)

+1, death to Windows and more problems than just this will be solved.
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I'm new here, but I like this forum because can learn more knowledge from here.

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