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Perphaps a rather stupid question but I can't find the answer myself..
Where is the close button of a sketch? If I wan't to close one tab and continue in another tab?

Because I now get the following error:
redefinition of 'void setup()

This is because I have to sketches open with void setup()..But I can't close the first one  :-[ :-/


The tabs are not different sketches. The tabs are all part of the one sketch you have open. When you compile, the contents of the tabs are assembled into the complete program. The tabs are just a way to separate your code in to more manageable sections.


You have to select "File/New."  This means "new sketch" rather than "new file" although it's under the File menu (and there is a Sketch menu.)  Takes a bit of getting used to.  It may ask you to save the old sketch before creating a new one.  This will not be a dialog, but will appear at the bottom of the editing pane, above the black communication pane.
Once your new sketch has been created with a random name, select File/Save As... to give it a name.

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