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I've been tinkering with a TouchSheild Stealth from Liquidware on an Arduino Duemilanove.  I didnt like their idea of having to use a customized version of the IDE to program it, but 'oh well'. I created a small sketch that randomly colors a 16x16 grid of boxes, and changes the colors based on where I touch the screen.

Meanwhile I've been playing with a new WiShield on a Seeeduino 1.1, running a modified test version of the web server sketch.

My goal is to make a network/port scanner, so this morning I take the TouchShield off of the Arduino, and stack it on top of the WiShield on the Seeeduino to make sure they all get along and aren't stealing each others pins.  

Much to my shock and amazement, when I power it up I see randomly colored blocks appearing on the touch shield. When I touch it, the colors change. Next I go to Firefox and check the WiSheild and it gives me a Hello World back.

Is there some basic piece of information I'm missing ?  Am I actually programming the TouchShield and not the Arduino supporting it ?



Probably just noise mate. Turn sending low to all the touchsheild pins


I'm no wiz in the electronics, more of a programmer, but I dont see how it could be noise.  In the sketch for the TouchShield it makes blocks of random shades of red, green, blue, or gray depending on which corner of the screen I touch.  When its on the Seeduino running the WebServer sketch, it still responds to the touch and changes colors accordingly.


Sorry by noise I meant random crap being sent to the pints.

If there are patterns, could it just be the controller resetting to what ever default it has?


I don't own one but as I understand it the touchshield is another Arduino, just one with a display built in. So you can run a program on it as you've discovered. I think the idea was you run a sketch on the slide that deals with getting input and generating displays, and it talks to your main program on another Arduino to do any processing required.



... but as I understand it the touchshield is another Arduino, just one with a display built in

Thanks, that would make sense with what I'm seeing, and mean that I can postpone the visit to the nut house just a bit longer.  It does however change my plans quite a bit, not sure yet if its in a good way or a bad way

So, an Arduino, as a shield ... intriguing  ::)


Its not an Arduino in a shield, although it uses the same controller as the Arduino, it does not run the same code. The shield is programmed with instructions that are quite different from Arduino. But they do work well together.

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