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Looks like the processing .class files have hard references to the compiler tools.

On linux it should just run avr-g++ which will be in the PATH when installed from a package.

I don't see how to edit the source to point to my own avr tools... since its encased in a binary .class file and the SVN trunk seems to contain no files used to generate that .class file.. ?

Maybe adding a setting in the "Perferences" for the Avr tool path would be best..?



I've tried using the script higher in this thread, and using the instructions from


but no matter what I do I can't get arduino to find my avr-g++ binary (and I suppose neither the rest of the AVR toolkit)

ok, after searching it looks like these files refer to the tools/blah stuff:

Library.java, Compiler.java, Sizer.java, Uploader.java

Seems to me there should be a function that has the job of choosing where all the avr and uisp tools are.

Ok, HCS is making some changed to these files and I'll post back here results.

anyone out there working on a debian package for arduino?



I just worked out a patch for the avr-gcc, etc. path issues with bbogart:


Tested on Mac OS X and Linux.



Thanks much for your help with us.  None of the core developers have regular access to a Linux box, so we rely on contributions to improve the process.  If you have any other suggestions or fixes, please let me know.  In particular, I'm curious about the need to chmod the Arduino files from svn.  Who owned them when they were checked out?  Did you check them out with a sudo?

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