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I'm running Vista x64 with a 8800 GT and 8GB of memory.  The IDE runs very slowly and Vista turns off Aero and switches to Basic mode.  I normally have folding@home (GPU) running in the background.  If I disable FAH then the IDE runs better (still not snappy) but I'm still in Basic desktop mode.  This leads me to think that the IDE is taxing my graphics card.  Any idea why that is and if there's a fix?

I saw a thread about Bluetooth causing the Tools menu to run slowly, but this isn't quite the same thing (everything runs slow).  In any case, I tried the Bluetooth fix from another thread (using an alternate rxtxSerial.dll) but that didn't make a difference.


Not sure about the speed issue, but the Basic GUI issue is due to the old version of Java that is bundled into the Arduino package. The easy fix is to make sure that you have the latest Java installed, and then delete, or rename, the Java folder in the Arduino folder.


That solved it!  Thx. much!

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