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What does a typical board cost all in through batchpcb? I couldn't get any idea of actual price when I looked...


Yes the boards do have a soldermask, pth etc.

I am not sure about the multi panels but [glow]I think[/glow] I read on the Tecbridge website that they assemble multi customer boards into panels and send the files out to the far east to be manufactured, if so, then multi designs shouldn't be a problem, but check the website first.


Thanks Jabber, will call them tomorrow.

Marvin, its $2.50 per square inch + $10 handling per order plus postage.  I've ordered 5 different protos for $28 delivered to the UK.


jabber - did you use Eagle to design your boards for Techbridge? Did you run just the standard drc and was there anything else needing a tweak in the CAM job?


I used the geda gschem & pcb programs on linux and sent the gerber files to Techbridge.

A very helpful bloke called me and said that they had thinned some of the text widths on the copper layers to give better clarity but other than that the gerbers were fine.

For all the pcb's I have had commercially made I have only ever used gerber files.


Quick followup on this thread - I finally got my design finalised and sent off to Techbridge. They ended up taking a couple more days than the 11 WD promised, but the quality is top notch. I'd definitely use them again.


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Nice job. Which pcb software did you use?

Edit: Just read one post above, I guess it was Eagle :)

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