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I don't think you connected the grounds, Dave.
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Because straight after triggering, you don't have a delay, so "loop" gets called again, and the light level is still sufficient to trigger the shutter again.
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Removing the abs() call should take care of the problem. With it in, the delta from light to dark and dark to light are always positive and greater than TRIGGER_THRESHHOLD, so each transition causes a trigger.

if (abs(newLightningVal - lightningVal) > TRIGGER_THRESHHOLD)

will become

if ((newLightningVal - lightningVal) > TRIGGER_THRESHHOLD)

I'm making a assumption that the analog value for light is greater than the value for dark. If it's the opposite, just swap the values in the equation to this:

if ((lightningVal - newLightningVal) > TRIGGER_THRESHHOLD)
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