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Roy, Arduino is intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. (that is a direct quote from the arduino home page)

Things like auto-prototyping are there to insulate the user from programming details.  There are plenty of C environments that are available for formal learning  What makes the Arduino different  is how easy it is to create physical computing projects with minimal programming knowledge.

I agree that the Arduino environment hides many technical aspects that someone interested in learning software engineering should learn (for example, most aspects of object oriented programming are hidden). But that is a good part of what makes it so popular.


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I reviewed the brackets, placed one and the sketch is working now, but there is another poroblem that came up when the program was uploaded.
the pseaker only plays the first note over and over again.


you are missing the ++ at the end of your for loop, change:
 for (int i; i < length; i) {
 for (int i; i < length; i++) {

Mike Mc

When posting code, please do not just paste it into the forum. Use the CODE button above the text box when entering text and paste it in between the commands that appear. Thanks.


OK I'll do that with the code, and I changed the i to i++. Now it works.

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