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Hello everybody,

I want to programming sanduino.And a GPS (u-blox RCB-4H-0-000) will control a servo help of sanduino.

About software please help me. :-/
How can i find helpful codes.
I think when i buy  GPS an sanduino or arduino, some codes given me ?

thanks :)


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The Arduino programming environment for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux can be downloaded from:

A GPS tutorial can be found at:

Information about driving servos with the Arduino can be found at:

There have been many posts here on the Arduino forum related to integrating either GPS or servos to the Arduino; although I do not remember if any of them combined both GPS and servos.


You might want to look at the Ardupilot project.  They have a custom board that's arduino compatible that can easily connect to servos and GPS modules.



Thank you all
i will investigate tonight ... :)

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