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Sep 17, 2009, 07:41 pm Last Edit: Sep 18, 2009, 08:27 am by mrkiss Reason: 1
I'm using  Arduino 0016 under Ubuntu 9.04 on both  desktop  and notebook.
But they make diffrent .hex files  from same sketch
And the size is different and working is diffrerent.
How could it be possible?

java, gcc-avr  and avr-libc is exactly the same version.

Desktop is Intel Pentium4 3Ghz and 2Gb RAM , Dell Dimension 5100
Notebook is Intel Mobile pentium 3 M 900Mhz  250Mb RAM. Sony vaio PCG-SRX7S/PB

Notebook code is always mallfuntioning  from when I compile it on windows XP on the same notebook.

Reading from GPS is just troublesome code. It works well on desktop compile but doesn't work on notebook compile
Notebook compiled .hex file is 22bytes larger than that of desktop

At first I have been using Windows XP in the notebook. and situation was the same
So I thought it is because of the different IDE  on diffrent OS.
I changed OS now but the same erros !!

Anybody  Any ideas?


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