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I just upgraded to IDE 0017 on my Vista system. If I run things in Administrator mode, all is well. But if I attempt to start arduino.exe with normal privs for my account, it claims that the sketchbook folder no longer exists (Which isn't true). It then terminates by saying that "Arduino could not run because it could not create a new folder to store your sketchbook. "

But what is odd is that I have full rights to the path the sketchbook folder is located in. ("D:\arduino\sketchbook\")

Suggestions? I'd prefer not to have to run this with elevated privileges.



Hmm, see: http://dev.processing.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=1016 for some tips. In particular:

"The location is pointed to by the Registry key

Please make sure the directory location stored at that registry key is
writable. "


Thanks for that tip! I'll check it out tomorrow morning, and let everyone here know if that fixed it.

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