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Yes Thanks for that mellis ,I assume its David.

Ive tried a multitude of avr-gcc including avr-g++ and avr-g++ separately .
With that message the answer is there somewhere obviously with avr-g++. But it ain't clear yet .
Recompiling avr-gcc- fc10.src takes an hour I also have conpiled and tried gcc4.3.1/2 and 3  and have installed everything offered by Mandrivas repositories updated by URPMI so there's no more .

As I said above I  suspect this is to do with the Java version not finding the library or perhaps avrdude itself. But well see ,I'm going to get Fedora11 installed on a machine and see what happens there .

However I suspect you will see a few more of these posts with the same error . Wish I could say how to fix it but I can't yet .


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Sometimes all technical solutions fail .Then you just have to close your eyes and pray .

Hope this helps .


As an adjunct I found some more Unix style stuff on adafruits site which I hav'nt tried but I will and will post back if it helped  . There is another thread dealing with the preferences.txt file in arduino so I am going to look at that too




Fedora puts avr-g++ in a separate package called avr-gcc-c++.  As root, run the command

yum install avr-gcc-c++ -y

to install the package.  It exists for 32 and 64 bit systems.


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I have just installed Fedora11 32bit version and then Arduino . (Thanks jpgr87,   I used that after I installed .)
Before doing all or any of the other stuff I gave it a try.

I got the normal window and it all looked good but compiling any program seemed to give the same error which was

arduino-0017/hardware/cores/arduino/wiring_analog.c:77: error: expected ')' before 'pin'

Beforei go installing the other stuff does anyone know what causes this? I looked in the program and can see nothing wrong with line 77.

I ask because, from what I have seen so far, Fedora11 installs up to date versions of all the program dependencies that Arduino has.

EDIT:-   All up and operational   At Last!!
did a yum " install avr-libc " after the above and all looks good . Thanks again jpgr87.

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