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Agree, however typos in code are educational, typos in comments not as much.



CaptainObvious: making a post to point out a typo is a good thing!  We want to fix problems like this.  Don't judge the posters here, please.


Really? You make a post just to point out a typo?


In the funny world of lcd displays, the (0,0) is top left, which is quite different from conventional x,y co-ordinates in the math books. I think this is confusing sometimes.

There are alot of little things like this to get used to with microcontrollers :D  ... such as counting starting at 0, I made many a mistake when first starting out.. always start counting at 1 and mess things up. :P

And I got an LCD that has 131x131 pixels... and it's the same way! Makes for a hassle when you're trying to remember exactly where that pixel would be on the screen. :P



should be

lcd.setCursor(0, 0); // top left
lcd.setCursor(15, 0); // top right
lcd.setCursor(0, 1); // bottom left
lcd.setCursor(15, 1); // top right

dont you mean "lcd.setCursor(15, 1); // bottom right"  ?


big trumpet

I think the guy who's writing the LiquidCrystal library has done a good job

He's a "she".

The library is fine.  The Playground description is OK but could use some work.  The 'Hello World' example in the Playground is FUBAR.


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